Seawater cooling pump

sea water cooling pump, SW cooling pump, sea water service pumpThe Seawater cooling pump or sea water cooling pump is a kind of marine cooling water pump. SILI PUMP can supply good quality sea water cooling pump used on board ships or vessels. These seawater cooling pumps are widely used for marine and offshore industry. Sometimes, it is also called SW cooling pump for short.

The seawater cooling pump takes suction from the sea chest. And usually it pumps the seawater into the central FW cooler and then overboard. The total cooling system can be equipped with two or three seawater cooling pumps. These pumps are very important for the operation of the vessel. And they are always running. The sea water cooling pump is also used for other marine service, such as for air conditioning, the freezer and so on.

The sea water cooling pumps are specially designed for marine cooling applications. And it will serve the owner as a reliable equipment for a long time. SILI PUMP can supply a big range of seawater cooling pump in both vertical and horizontal type. Usually they are in centrifugal types.

SILI PUMP can also supply the fresh water cooling pump, (FW cooling pump for short). Please refer to information from link: fresh water cooling pump.

SILI PUMP is a reputation seawater cooling pumps supplier and manufacturer in China.

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