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SILI PUMP are the full range supplier of marine pumps in China. We can supply nearly all kinds of marine pumps used on board vessels or ships. And also we are also professional marine auxiliary equipment, which is closely relative with ship pumps.

On the basis of the pump different structure, these marine water pump and auxiliary equipment is divided into five groups:

  1. Vertical centrifugal  pump, is with less space, easily maintenance and reliable performance. Vertical centrifugal marine pump is the most popular pump in marine and offshore industry. It is widely used for ballast, cooling water, bilge, fire-fighting, general service and so on.
  2. Horizontal centrifugal pump, is another widely used pump on board ship or vessel. Some of these marine pump can be back pull-out design. And some of these marine pump is with a built-in self-priming device. It can be used for bilge, sewage, cooling water, boiler feed water and so on.
  3. Positive displacement pump, is not like the centrifugal marine water pump. The positive displacement pump flow is nearly constant. These marine pump types includes gear pump, single screw pump(or eccentric screw pump), twin screw pump, three screw pump, lobe pump, and so on. It is usually used for fuel oil, lubrication oil or other oil liquid transfer and supply.
  4. Other marine pump, is about such as diesel engine emergency pump, sewage submersible pump, marine ejector, seawater lift pump, hand pump, barrel pump and so on.
  5. Pump relative marine equipment is some auxiliary device. It is such as marine motor, starters, pressure tank(hydrophore unit), marine fans, fresh water generator, marine incinerator, oily water separator, centrifugal oil separator, air compressor, sewage treatment equipment, deck machinery and so on.

Our marine pumps can be certificated by the main ship classification societies worldwide, such as DNV, LR, BV, ABS, RINA, KR, NK and CCS.

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