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SILI PUMP are the full range supplier of marine pump, we can supply nearly all kinds of marine pump used on board all kinds of merchant ship, such as, barges, tug boats, AHTS, PSV, MPSV, ferries, crafts, ships, vessels, container carriers, bulk carries, oil tankers, (marine oil pump), LPG/LNG, fixed offshore structure, drilling jack-up rigs and so on. And also it can be used for the naval vessel.

These ship pumps are used for water cooling or chilling, water circulating, ballast water, general service(G/S), fire-fighting, deck washing, stripping, boiler feed water, condensate water, fresh(drinking) water, sanitary water, marine daily service, sewage, bilge & sludge, F.O. transfer , L.O. transfer (lubrication oil pump, lubricating oil pump), F.O. and F.S. cargo pumping (fuel cargo oil pump), cargo stripping, seawater lift, hydrophone tank unit, sewage treatment unit, oil water separator, incinerator, fresh water generator, and so on.

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