Marine boiler pump

marine boiler pumpThe marine boiler pump is usually divided into two types: the boiler circulation pump and the boiler feed pump. Most vessels have one or more boilers onboard. It is for different applications such as exhaust gas or oil fired boilers. In these application, a marine boiler water pump is requested.

If the marine boiler is filled with water, it may be necessary to force the circulation within the boiler. For this purpose a boiler circulation pump is needed. The boiler circulation pump is in most cases part of the boiler manufacture supply. Since the boiler circulation pump is rather specialized due to the high temperature and pressure. However if clients have the request, SILI PUMP can offer a vertical or horizontal multistage pump suitable for these running conditions. This kind of marine boiler pump is usually in big capacity and also in high pressure request.

If the boiler is filled with water, it is necessary to re-fill it with water when steam is leaving the boiler. For this purpose a boiler feed water pump is needed. A boiler feed pump feeds either fresh water or steam condensate into a steam boiler. As taking suction from a condensate system is a high pressure application. Boiler feed water pump is generally high head, low flow pumps. Multistage pumps are therefore a common choice when a marine boiler feed water pump is required. A special centrifugal pump, vortex centrifugal pump(peripheral pump) can also use as a marine boiler pump. Since its pressure is relative higher, and the pump size is small.

SILI PUMP is a reputation marine boiler pump supplier and manufacturer in China.

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