Marine Water Pump

sea water pump, marine water pumpThe marine water pump is a comprehensive name. All of the marine pump used to deal with water can be called marine water pump. It share a great proportion of the pumps used in marine and offshore industry. SILI can offer a wide range for marine water pump.

On the basis of liquid types, marine water pumps can be divided into some branch types. For example, there is marine sea water pump, or marine seawater pump, or marine SW pump for short. It is used to deal with the sea water on board vessels. And this pump material is usually in bronze for standard. It can be used as marine cooling pump, marine fire pump, marine bilge pump and so on. Namely, there is marine fresh water pump, or marine FW pump for short. Usually this marine FW pump is used for cooling purpose. There is some other marine water pump type, such as marine bilge pump, marine sewage pump and so on.

Most of the marine water pump is in centrifugal types. The centrifugal pump has very large capacity and head range, in reasonable cost. Of course, eccentric screw pump, ejector pump, diaphragm pump can be also used as marine water pumps.

SILI PUMP is a reputation marine water pump supplier and manufacturer in China. Please find a suitable model in our marine pumps product ranges.

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