Marine centrifugal pump

marine centrifugal pumpMarine centrifugal pump is comprehensive pump name. It refers to these centrifugal pumps, which are used in marine and offshore industry. It is a very basic marine pump type on board vessels. Centrifugal marine pump is used to handle sea water, fresh water, bilge and so on. Some marine centrifugal pump is handled with oil as well, such as fuel oil and Lub oil.

Centrifugal pump is divided into two major types, the vertical and horizontal type. Both type of marine centrifugal pump is widely used. Some of the centrifugal marine pump is equipped with self-priming device. So it is self-priming marine centrifugal pump. This self-priming device can be in both built-in type or air ejector type.

Ballast pump, bilge pump, fire pump, GS pump, cooling pump are the most popular marine centrifugal pump types. Sometimes this centrifugal marine pump can be instead of each other. Usually this marine centrifugal pump is in vertical type with small installation space. However, for bilge pump and cooling pump, horizontal centrifugal marine pump is also very popular.

There are is some special types of marine centrifugal pump. For example, the submersible centrifugal pump is a total submersible type, without suction flange. And the diesel engine emergency centrifugal pump is powered by a diesel engine. Usually the marine centrifugal pump has an electrical motor.

Same with other centrifugal pump, the marine centrifugal pump capacity is relation with the pump head. This is very different from the positive displacement pump, such as gear or screw pump. So the pump performance curve is very useful.

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For vertical type: vertical centrifugal marine pump.

For horizontal type: horizontal centrifugal marine pump.

For special purpose: other marine pump.

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