Marine Oil Pump

marine lub oil pump, marine oil pumpLike the marine water pump, marine oil pump is also a comprehensive name. All of the marine pump used to deal with oil can be called marine oil pumps. It is not widely used like marine water pump, but still it is very important for the vessels or offshore. SILI can offer a few ranges of marine oil pump types.

Basically, we can divide the marine oil pump on two basic. One is according to the oil liquid type, and another one is according to the pump type.

From oil liquid types, there are marine fuel oil pump, marine lube oil pump, marine sludge oil pump and so on. The marine fuel oil pump is for the transfer for HFO (heavy fuel oil), MDO (marine diesel oil) and so on. Marine lube oil pump is also called marine lubrication oil pump, marine lubricating oil pump, and marine lubricant pump. The marine sludge oil pump is usually used for dealing with the residue from purifiers

From the pump types, there are marine gear oil pump, marine screw oil pump and marine centrifugal oil pump. Usually the marine gear oil pump is very popular in marine industry for its small cost and reliable performance. The marine screw oil pump is usually used in high request standard, for example high pressure or big capacity request.

SILI PUMP is a reputation marine oil pumps supplier and manufacturer in China. Please find a suitable model in our marine pump product range.

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