Fresh water cooling pump

fresh water cooling pump, marine FW cooling pumpThe fresh water cooling pump is very widely used in marine and offshore industry. It is a very important marine equipment on board ships or vessels. It is a kind of marine centrifugal pump in both vertical or horizontal type. It is also called marine fresh water circulation pump.  Or it is named as marine FW cooling pump for short.

These marine fresh water cooling pump should circulate the fresh water a high efficient. Fresh water cooling pump is needed due to the many running hours required. The cooling system can be equipped with two or three seawater cooling pumps. Usually one is in running, others are in stand-by.

A typical application for the fresh water cooling pump is the center cooler. In this condition, they are called HT/LT fresh water cooling pump. The purpose of the cooler is to cool main engine, auxiliary engines, and so on. The HT/LT fresh water cooling pump is used for the heat exchange. They work together with the sea water cooling pump. The central fresh water cooler makes sure that the temperature is kept on suitable level.

SILI PUMP can also supply the sea water cooling pump, (SW cooling pump for short). Please refer to information from link: sea water cooling pump.

SILI PUMP is a reputation marine fresh water cooling pumps supplier and manufacturer in China.

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