Deck wash pump

deck wash pump

The deck wash pump is sometimes called deck washing pump or deck washdown pump. It is used to wash down deck on board a ship or vessel. The deck wash pump is also used for the anchor wash pump.

Commonly used in marine applications, deck wash pumps are utilised to remove stubborn debris and dirt from the deck of the vessel. Pumping sea water at high pressure, these deck wash pumps are highly efficient.

Marine centrifugal pumps are a popular choice for marine deck-wash pump applications. Because they have high flow capabilities and ability to handle water efficiently. In the event of deck washing, it is requested that sufficient water is available at sufficient pressure. For the good washdown request, the deck washdown pump has a strict request for the pump pressure (high pressure request)

Sometimes a marine fire pump can be also used as the deck washing pump. They can worked as an instead, so the cost can be saved when ship building.

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