Reference case 2015

These cases are usually selected from the cooperation between some of our clients, beginning from October of 2015, and it is just small part of the trade agreements.
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08Nov 2015

The SILI CWY Diesel Engine Pump is a self-priming emergency marine centrifugal pump is driven by the diesel engine. It is produced based on the stipulations of the CCS Rules and Regulations for the Construction and Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships 1996 and the International Convention For the Safety of Lift at Sea. (SOLAS Convention). […]

10Oct 2015

CIS centrifugal pump is a very popular horizontal pump in China, it is a single stage, single suction, end-suction centrifugal marine pump. It is widely used in marine cooling pump, ballast pump, general service pump, marine fire pump and marine bilge pump on board ships or vessels. This CIS centrifugal pump is designed according to international […]

11Sep 2015

In China, there are two main types of marine ejector pump, CPJ ejector pump and CPT ejector pump, pump suction flange and discharge flange are in vertical position for CPT ejector pump series, pump suction flange and discharge flange are in inline position for CPJ ejector pump series. These pumps can be use for bilge, stripping, ballast, […]