Sea water pump

sea water pump

Sea water pump or seawater pump is used to transfer or circulate sea water or salt water. It can be also called sea water service pump. It is widely used for various general service applications on board a marine vessel. And usually it is commonly a centrifugal water pump. And also it is usually a bronze material pump.

The seawater pumps have wide range of uses. It includes anything from ballast transfer to bilge pumping, and fire-fighting to deck washing. These marine sea water pumps are windily used for ballast pump, marine cooling and bilge pump and so on. A seawater pump is therefore required to be relatively flexible in terms of its design. It is usually a kind of bronze pump for corrosive resistance.

Sea water is corrosive to the common cast iron or steel. So the important characteristic for the sea water pump is the bronze pump material. Usually the pump casing, cover, impeller and all bronze. And the pump shaft is in stainless steel. Sometimes, for cost saving, the pump casing and cover can be in cast iron. Sometimes, stainless steel pump is also used as a seawater pump. However it is not popular than bronze material pump.

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