Reference case 2016

These cases are usually selected from the cooperation between some of our clients, beginning from October of 2015, and it is just small part of the trade agreements.
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17Nov 2016

The SILI QH marine seawater lift pump is a marine centrifugal pump in submersible multistage type. It can also called marine deep well pump, or marine multistage submersible pump. This marine sea water lift pump is especially designed for the sea water lift purpose on board the offshore platform in marine oil and gas production […]

24Oct 2016

The SILI TAIKO ESC pump is an ideal centrifugal pump in marine industry. ESC marine pump is popularly used in marine and offshore application. It is a centrifugal water pump with volute casing in vertical construction, with spacer couling. And it is single stage, single flow. This pump is similar to Taiko ESC pump, with […]

13Sep 2016

The SILI TAIKO TMS pump is a single stage, single suction, end-suction centrifugal marine pump(horizontal type). It is coupled with built-in self-priming device, so there is no need for extra self-priming device, such as ejector pump and so on. This will help the pump is very suitable for marine bilge pump on board ships or […]

27Jun 2016

The 3GC three screw marine pump is a very popular marine oil pump in China. 3G three screw pump’s good performance and reliable quality are proved in all kinds of industries. And the 3GC there screw pump is specially designed for the marine industry. The 3GC three screw marine pump consist of general design type 3G, marine […]

12May 2016

The SILI CYBW marine air pump is a kind of oil-free lubricating sliding-vane air pump. Small size, light weight, energy-saving and clean exhausted air with no oil pollution. It is designed specially as auxiliary equipment for marine sanitary sewage treatment system. It can be also used in the industries of printing machinery packing, blown molding, and […]