Marine Equipment

Relative marine equipment or device, such as motor, fans, tank, separator and so on


V-a. YH marine motor

Pmax to 350kw, 50/60Hz, IEC standard, 2, 4, 6 poles, marine motor

V-b. YG marine water pressure tank

Vmax 3m3, pressure tank for sea water or fresh water

V-c. ZYG marine hydrophore unit

Vmax to 1m3, hydrophore unit for sea water or fresh water

V-d DQR marine calorifier

Vmax to 1m3, marine calorifier by electricit and steam

V-e. JCZ marine fan

Qmax to 100000m3/h, marine axial fan

V-f. CLZ marine axial fan

Qmax to 25000m3/h, marine axial fan

V-g CBZ marine axial fan

Qmax to 25000m3/h, explosion-proof axial fan

V-h. JCL marine centrifugal fan

Qmax to 21000m3/h, marine centrifugal fan

V-i. Marine sewage treatment

Under MRPC.159(55) request, suitable people 10 to 400

V-j YSZ marine bilge separator

15 ppm, under standard of IMOMEPC.107(49)