Marine sewage pump

marine sewage pump, dirty water pump, grey water pump, waste water pumpMarine sewage pump is also sometimes called dirty water pump, grey water pump, waste water pump, and sewage transfer pump, drainage pump or dewatering pump. SILI PUMP can supply several types of marine sewage pump for marine and offshore industry. 

Sewage pumps, as their name implies, are used to transfer sewage and dirty waste water to a treatment location on board ships or vessels. These marine sewage pump mainly deal with liquid like dirty and waste water. There are often solids present and therefore a sewage pump is required to handle these. They are commonly centrifugal, progressive cavity pumps, piston reciprocating pump, and AODD pump and so on. Submersible and centrifugal pumps can be fitted with either a non-clogging impeller to allow the passage of solids. Or  it is fitted with a big channel impeller(non-clogging, open or sime-open type) or a macerator impeller to pulverize the solids. 

Marine waste water pump is used for a wide variety of dirty water applications. It includes dewatering, flood control, sewage and sludge transfer. A typical maritime application is to handle sewage from the accommodation. Usually it is treated by a special system, called Sewage treatment device, where the marine sewage pump is an important part.

The submersible sewage pump is very popular used on board vessels. This marine sewage pump is completely submersible insides the water. It has IP68 level. Its impeller is no-clogging type. It can be also used as a flood control pump.  Single screw pump is also widely used for marine sewage pump. It is a positive displacement pump. It is also suitable for the marine sludge pump. Centrifugal marine sewage is not very popular for marine purpose. SILI PUMP can offer several types of marine centrifugal sewage pump, in both vertical and horizontal type.

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