Other Marine Pump

Other type marine pump, for example, submersible, ejector, hand pump, diesel engine driven pump and so on.

IV-a CPT&CPJ Marine Ejector Pump

Qmax to 600m3/h, ejctor, inline type(CPJ) and vertical type(CPT)

IV-b. Centrifugal CQX Submersible Pump

Qmax to 500m3/h, Hmax to 40m, submersible sewage centrifugal

IV-c. Diesel Engine CWY Pump

Qmax to 160m3/h, Hmax to 70m, diesel engine centrifugal pump

IV-d. JB portable fire pump

Qmax to 90m3/h, Hmax to 80m, portable fire pump, diesel oil or gasoline engine

IV-e. Piston CS Hand Pump

Qmax to 4m3/h, Hmax to 25m, piston hand pump

IV-f. CYBW air pump

Qmax to 40m3/h, marine air pump

IV-g. DZ Reciprocation Pump

Qmax to 5m3/h, electrical reciprocating pump

IV-h. QBY AODD pump

Qmax to 30m3/h, AODD pump(air operated double diaphragm pump)

IV-i. Centrifugal QH Marine Deepwell Pump

Qmax to 500m3/h, Hmax to 150m, submersible, seawater lift pump

IV-j. Centrifugal JC Marine Lineshaft Pump

Qmax to 800m3/h, lineshaft deep well, seawater lift pump