Marine cooling pump

Marine cooling water pump, for both sea water and fresh water

I-a. Centrifugal CLH Pump

Qmax to 400m3/h, Hmax to 120m, Inline type, Monoblock or coupling type

I-a. Centrifugal EMC Pump

Qmax to 300m3/h, Hmax to 25m, 4 poles, similar to Taiko EMC.

I-b. Centrifugal CLHB Pump

Qmax to 700m3/h, Hmax to 150m, Inline type, optional for spacer coupling.

I-b. Centrifugal EMD Pump

Qmax to 1500m3/h, Hmax to 35m, double suction, similar to Taiko EMD.

I-c. Centrifugal CISG Pump

Qmax to 160m3/h, Hmax to 125m, Inline, closed coupling (mono type).

I-e. Sump Centrifugal CL Pump

Qmax to 150m3/h, Hmax to 70m, Sump type

I-h. Centrifugal ESC Pump

Qmax to 450m3/h, Hmax to 125m, space coupling, similar to Taiko ESC.

I-j. Centrifugal ESD Pump

Qmax to 1200m3/h, Hmax to 32m, double suction, similar to Taiko ESD.

II-a. Centrifugal CIS Pump

Qmax to 450m3/h, Hmax to 120m, end-suction, coupling type

II-a. Centrifugal EHC Pump

Qmax to 250m3/h, Hmax to 50m, coupling type, similar to Taiko EHS

II-b. Centrifugal TMC Pump

Qmax to 120m3/h, Hmax to 50m, closed coupling, similar to Taiko TMC

II-d. Centrifugal CWL Pump

Qmax to 80m3/h, Hmax to 75m, end-suction, similar to CIS pump

II-f. Split Casing S Centrifugal pump

Qmax to 2000m3/h, Hmax to 120m, split casing(double suction) type

II-k. Centrifugal CBY Pump

Qmax to 50m3/h, Hmax to 125m, closed coupling type of CIS pump

IV-a CPT&CPJ Marine Ejector Pump

Qmax to 600m3/h, ejctor, inline type(CPJ) and vertical type(CPT)

IV-i. Centrifugal QH Marine Deepwell Pump

Qmax to 500m3/h, Hmax to 150m, submersible, seawater lift pump

IV-j. Centrifugal JC Marine Lineshaft Pump

Qmax to 800m3/h, lineshaft deep well, seawater lift pump