Our team

Department of Admin&account

CEO, Ms Alice Zhu(Zhuyijiao)

Tel: 0086-21-39109967-01, mobile: 0086-18917501221, E-mail: info(a)silipump.com

Admin&account, Ms Zhou Songrong

Tel: 0086-21-39109967-02, E-mail: admin(a)silipump.com

Department of international sales

International director, Mr. Edward Dragon

Tel: 0086-21-39109967-11, model 0086-17710773221, E-mail: sales(a)silipump.com

Marine pump sales, Mr. Peter Wang

Tel: 0086-21-39109967-12, model 0086-13391160270, E-mail: sales1(a)silipump.com

Marine pump and equipment sales, Mr. Jeff Lim

Tel: 0086-21-39109967-13, E-mail: sales2(a)silipump.com

Service, in recruitment……

Tel: 0086-21-39109967-14, E-mail: service(a)silipump.com

Sales assistant, Ms Zhang Yingchun

Tel: 0086-21-39109967-15, model 0086-13761410009, E-mail: assistant(a)silipump.com

Engineering, Mr. Zhang Shunchun

Tel: 0086-21-39109967-16, model 0086-13641868537, E-mail: engineering(a)silipump.com

Department of Procurement and QC

Procurement director, Mr. Wang Chen

Tel: 0086-21-39109967-31, model 0086-13817621977, E-mail: procurement(a)silipump.com

Procurement engineer, Mr. Yuesifu

Tel: 0086-21-39109967-32, model 0086-13381938707, E-mail: procurement1(a)silipump.com

Department of Logistics & Agent

Logistics&shipment, Ms Song Meixiang

Tel: 0086-21-39109967-41, model 0086-15000442133

E-mail: logistics(a)silipump.com

Import&export agent, Ms Wang Yun

Tel: 0086-21-39109967-42, model 0086-15301652802

E-mail: agent(a)silipump.com

Contact person will be updated if employee recruitment or resignation,  Newly updated in 2015.10.1