Marine fuel oil pump

marine fuel oil pumpMarine fuel oil pump can be also called fuel oil service pump, fuel oil supply pump fuel oil booster pump or fuel oil circulation pump. It can be in centrifugal, gear, three screw and other types. No matter whether the oil viscosity is high or low, SILI PUMP supplies the correct marine fuel oil pump for all application in marine and offshore industry.

As its name suggests, a marine fuel oil pump is designed to pump fuel. This can be diesel, petroleum, fuel oil or kerosene, from one receptacle to another, or this is from a drum or a storage tank. Consequently, our marine fuel oil pump range covers a wide variety of different pump types, It includes centrifugal oil pumps, screw oil pumps, barrel pumps, gear oil pump, with different flow rates, pressures and features. And these pump motor can be in explosion-proof types.

Diesel engines and boilers need fuel. The fuel can be marine diesel oil (MDO pump), marine gas oil (MGO pump) or heavy fuel oil (HFO pump); Or sometimes there is some IFO or MFO. (These fuel oil pump can be called MDO pump, MGO pump, HFO pump). But more and more areas at sea are being restricted as to burning fuel containing sulphur. Marine fuel oil pump is used for pump or booster fuel from one tank to another. Marine fuel oil transfer pump is used for fuel supply to fuel consumers.

The most popular type marine fuel oil supply pump is the marine gear oil pump. It can be in external gear oil pump, internal gear oil pump and circular-arc gear oil pump. Marine gear oil pump has compact size, low cost and reliable performance. It is particularly suitable for the fuel oil transfer. For high viscosity, a heating jacket by hot water, steam is available.

SILI PUMP is a reputation marine fuel oil pump supplier and manufacturer in China.

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