Stripping pump

stripping pumpIn most cases ballast pumps will not be able to completely empty the ballast water tanks. In order to do this, a ballast stripping pump is required. This marine stripping pump should have good priming capabilities and low NPSHr.

There are mainly two different types of marine stripping pump; one is the horizontal self-priming pump. With a built-in self-priming device insides pump, this kind of ship stripping pump is a good choice on board ship or vessel. And another type is the water-driven ejector(marine ejector pump).The marine ejector needs water flow from a fire pump or a general service pump, but it has no moving parts.

Both choices will fulfill the requirements to the stripping of ballast tanks. However, the horizontal pump is able to run without any additional water, an advantage when the vessel is equipped with a ballast water treatment system, and the ejector stripping pump can reach a very high vacuum, which is good for the stripping progress.

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