Seawater lift pump

seawater lift pump, sea water lift pump, submersible pumpA seawater lift pump is used for deliver sea water from a low position. This sea water lift pump is very popular in the marine offshore industry. SILI can supply two kinds of seawater lift pump, one is multistage submersible pump, the QH pump, another one is the lineshaft deep well pump, the JC pump.

Seawater is an important fluid in the processes of offshore oil production platforms because it is used in many circuits, such as cooling and reinjection into the well, and it is also used for fire-fighting, desalination and other purpose.

For example, in the injection loop, sea water is pumped up to the platform, where it is then filtered and cleaned. The treated seawater is then injected into the well to increase the pressure there.

SILI PUMP is a reputation seawater lift pump supplier and manufacturer in China.

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