Marine self-priming pump

stripping pump, marine self-priming pumpThe Marine self-priming pump refer to these pump used for marine purpose with self-priming capacity. It is also called self-suction pump, self priming pump or marine vacuum pump. All of the positive displacement is born with self-priming function. We here specially mean the marine self-priming centrifugal pump.

The marine centrifugal pump is divided into vertical and horizontal type. With self-priming function, they are in different condition. For vertical centrifugal pump, usually it is coupled with an ejector or water ring vacuum pump. For horizontal pump, usually, the pump is with a built-in self-priming casing.

Now air ejector is very popular for the vertical marine centrifugal pump. This device is installed nearby the suction flange. It is connected with electrical source to control its solenoid valve, and also with the pressure air source. When pump starting, the ejector pump starts as a marine vacuum pump, to discharge the air insides the suction pipe. After priming, the ejector will stop. Some vertical pump is equipped with a water ring vacuum pump, but so far, it is not popular onside vessels.
For horizontal centrifugal pump, usually there is special casing for the marine self-priming pump. Insides this casing, the air inside suction pipe can be discharged out. And after the priming progress, the self-priming pump will work as a normal centrifugal pump. This self-priming device is a built-in type.

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Vertical marine self-priming pump
Horizontal marine self-priming pump

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