Engine room pump

engine room pump, ER pump, marine pumpEngine room pump is just the name for these marine pumps, which is located insides the engine room. It is also called ER pump for short. These engine room pumps can be in very wide types and ranges. For example, they can be centrifugal, gear, screw or other marine pumps. Or they can be for marine water pump, bilge pump, sludge pump, oil pump and so on. In fact, the engine room pump covers the most types of the marine pumps. SILI PUMP can offer a big range of marine engine room pumps.

On a ship or vessel, the engine room, or ER, is the propulsion machinery spaces of the vessel. The engine room is generally the largest physical compartment of the machinery space. The engine room houses the vessel’s prime mover, such as diesel engine, gas or steam turbine. On some ships, the machinery space may comprise more than one engine room.

The engine room pump is just used for the service for these machinery insides ER. These pumps are used for water cooling, ballast, bilge transfer, fire or fire fighting. And also they are used for fuel oil and lube oil transfer, circulation, booster and so on. The engine room pumps are not the key marine equipment; however, they may be the most popular marine device insides the engine room.

Some marine pumps are used in a pump room on board vessel or ship, they are called marine pump room pump. Usually these pump room pumps are used for ballast water or cargo oil purpose, and so on. SILI PUMP is a reputation marine engine room pump supplier and manufacturer in China.

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