Marine emergency pump

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Marine emergency pump is sometimes same with marine emergency fire pump. Since fire is a very major emergency condition on board vessels. And also when in flood emergency condition, marine fire pump can be also worked as a marine emergency pump.

Marine emergency fire pump is usually a centrifugal pump. It is can be driven by an electrical motor or diesel engine. It can be named as marine emergency pump. SILI PUMP can offer quality marine fire-fighting pump in both electrical and diesel engine.

Marine emergency fire pump is rarely used. But they are relied upon on emergency situations. It is vital that a reliable and durable marine emergency fire pump is in place. Marine centrifugal pumps are a popular choice for marine emergency applications. The worst thing that can happen to the vessel is on fire. In order to be able to extinguish the fire, several marine emergency pumps are required.

Flood is also an emergency case for the ships. It this condition, besides the marine fire pump, the ballast pump and bilge pump can be also worked marine emergency pump. Sometimes, a submersible portable pump is requested since the water level is too deep for a fixed pump.

SILI PUMP is a reputation marine emergency pump supplier and manufacturer in China.

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