CWY pump, diesel engine emergency pump

IV-c. Diesel Engine CWY Pump

Qmax to 160m3/h, Hmax to 70m, diesel engine centrifugal pump

SKU: Light weight, compact structure. Fast water coming-out and self-priming. Easy installation/service. Convenient maintenance. Corrosive resistance(sea water pump). Starting both by manual and batteries. Fixed and movable type available. Full range of accessories provided Categories: , , ,

The SILI CWY Pump is a Diesel Engine Emergency Pump is driven by the diesel engine. It is produced based on the stipulations of the CCS Rules and Regulations for the Construction and Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships 1996 and the International Convention For the Safety of Lift at Sea. (SOLAS Convention). It can be used mainly for emergency service, fire-fighting, drainage, and deck washing and so on. Also it ban be used for the company of factory, sea port, cargo store etc. Refer to more details from right link onsides the pump catalogue, specification and manual. CWY pump spare parts can be also available in our sides.


Centrifugal single-stage pumps (CWZ self-priming model) in bronze(ZcuZn16Si4) material for pump casing, body and impeller, highly resistant to sea water corrosion and capitation.

Oversized stainless steel shaft to minimize deflection due to hydraulic loads, material 1Cr18Ni9Ti.

High quality mechanical seal with hard faces, in material carbon, ceramics, stainless steel material.

External high vacuum pump if pump is not self-priming


Single cylinder, or multi-cylinder for big power type, four-stroke type with indirect injection.

Air cooled, or water cooled(closed circulation) for big power type by bronze exchanger with zinc anode. Compact construction, dry air filter, cooled exhaust gas, anticorrosion treatment for marine environment.

Electric starting by external battery provided with fast connector.

External fuel reservoir for one hour of uninterrupted operation plus internal fixed reserve tank  at the base bottom to avoid pump stop during refueling.

Design and setting specific for on board firefighting service.


Besides the pump, diesel engine, and common base.

Standard accessories as following is provided: starter and its panel, suction pipe and fitter, exhaust air pipe, battery and battery charge connection cable, vacuum and pressure guages and so on, tyres are provide for movable type.

Optional accessories: Fire hose, quick connection flange and delivery nozzle.

Refer to more pump and spare parts details from the CWY pump catalogue, and contact us more information for pump specification, manual, installation dimension and so on.

Technical details:

for water pump side

–Pump model: usually it is bare shaft pump of CWZ series

–Material: pump casing/cover/impeller: bronze, ZCuZn16Si4, shaft and key, stainless steel

–Shaft seal: mechanical seal, material: SIC(silicon carbide),hard alloy and ceramics

–Priming: built-in self-priming casing and cover, with check valve in the discharge pipe, suction head 4-5meter

–Coupling: flexible coupling type, material in carbon steel

–Bearing: motor side, two enclosed antifriction bearing, lubricated by grease; pump side, two deep groove rolling ball bearing, lubricated by oil in oil bath

for diesel engine and accessories

–Engine model: Changchai brand in China or from other famous engine manufacturers

–Cylinder: four cylinder, in-line, vertical, 4 strokes

–Cooling model: by fan(small power pump) or by water(big power pump)

–Speed: In 3600rpm(small power) or 2900rpm(big power pump)

–Starter: by hand and by battery(for big power type, only by battery)

–Accessory: suction pipe and fitter, exhaust air pipe, battery, battery charge connection cable, electrical starter motor, vacuum and pressure gauges, start panel, water cooling pipe and tank, and so on

Standard pump supply range: including pump, engine, common base, starter and its panel, and standard accessories

Optional supply: accessories: fire fighting hose, fire fighting gun, valves and so on

suggested min spare parts for pump: 1 pcs of impeller, 1 pcs of shaft, 2 pcs of mechanical seal, 2 sets of bearing, 6 pcs of O-ring

Certificate of classification society available: CCS.

Standard packing: plywooden case.

Productin time: in about 20 to 45 days

Warranty time: one year after shipment.

Case reference: it is updated in case blog.
Please click the following link for relative case.

a. water cooling type: CWY emergency diesel engine pump

Usage or application: This pump is usually used for the fire-fighting pump or flood emergency pump.
Please click the relative category in right of the production picture for more information.

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