G screw pump, single screw pump, progressive cavity pump, eccentric screw pump

III-d G single screw pump

Qmax to 150m3/h, Pmax to 1.2Mpa, single screw pump, Tmax to 120 degree, viscosity to 10000cst

SKU: Capacity up to 120m3/h. Good self-priming function(up to 7m). Handling liquid contents with fiber and solid. Suitable for high viscosity liquid(up to 10000cst). Belt transmission(GN). Simple construction and reliable operation. Easy and quite maintenance. Categories: , , , ,

G screw pump (single) is also named as single helical rotor pump, or progressive cavity pump, or eccentric screw pump. The SILI G screw pump and GN screw pump are a popular type of single screw pump which is widely used in marine and off shore industry. It is a kind of positive displacement pump. G screw pump is suitable for suitable for oily & sludge and oily sea water, max temp 120 C degree, max viscosity 10000cst, max grain size, 0.25 times of the suction flange, max fiber length, 0.5 times of suction flange.

Typical application of G screw pump on board ship or vessel are discharge of bilge, sewage, sludge, oily sea water and so on. Refer to more details from right link onsides the G screw pump catalogue, specification and manual. G screw pump spare parts can be also available in our sides.

G and GN single screw pump Feather:

a. Different capacity is on basis of the different speed. It is better to chose gear-reducing motor(by intermediate transmission). Small size pump can be directly closed by 6P or 8P motor(by flexible coupling).

b. For saving space, belt transmission type is also available(by belt type, GN model series).

c. Pressure level, for single stage, 0.3 and 0.6Mpa are available, for two stage, 0.8 and 1.2Mpa are available.

e. Rotary positive displacement pump, good self-priming ability, installation without bottom valves.

f. Pulsation free flow, and quiet operation, suitable for the high viscosity liquid, suitable or handing the liquids containing the fiber and solids grain.(max grain diameter and max length of fiber about 10% and 50% of the suction flange DN)

g. Two bearing housings fitted with deep groove rolling ball bearings.

h. An universal coupling is fitted between pump drive shaft and pump rotor.

i. Shaft seal can be in quality mechanical seal(single face or double face) and soft packing(can be equipment with flushing ring seal)

j. Stainless steel(2Cr13 or 1Cr18Ni9Ti) pump rotor, and NBR(nitrile butadiene rubber) pump stator for standard, suitable for the bilge and sludge in marine and off shore industry.

k. Simple structure, easy maintenance, no need special tool when assembly and disassembly.

l. Dry running protection device as an optional.

Refer to pump and spare parts details from the G screw pump catalogue, and contact us more information for pump specification, manual, performance curve, installation dimension, spare parts list and so on.

Technical details:

–Motor: 6 or 8 pole quality IEC motor configurations, with high level class(class F or higher) and insulation(insulation IP44 or higher), in both 50Hz or 60Hz, Y-H series, suitable for marine purpose, Starting in direct type(small power) or Star-delta type.

–Material: pump suction casing, discharge casing and bearing housing: cast iron, pump rotor, coupling rod, and drive shaft 40Cr: stainless steel, stator: NBR(nitrile butadiene rubber)

–Shaft seal: mechanical seal, double face type, material: SIC(silicon carbide), hard alloy and ceramics(optional soft packing, can be equipment with flushing ring seal)

–Cardan joint: a cardan joint is located between drive shaft and rotor, it is composed of two universal couplings and one coupling rod

–Bearing: motor side, two enclosed antifriction bearing, lubricated by grease; pump side, one common deep groove rolling ball bearing, one axial antifriction bearing, all lubricated by oil in oil bath.

–Self-priming: positive displacement pump, suction head about 5-6 meters

–Accessory: motor terminal box, lifting hooks, coupling guard (big power pump), grease nipple (big power pump) and so on.

Standard pump supply range: including pump, belt transmission and cover, common base, motor and standard accessories.

Optional supply: accessories: vacuum and pressure gauge, opposite flange, starter, valves, nuts and bolts, and so on, suggested min spare parts: 2 pcs of mechanical seal, 1 sets of bearing, 1 pcs of stator and rotor, 6 pcs of O-ring, 6 pcs of gasket:

Certificate of classification society available: ABS, BV, and CCS.

Production time: in about 30 to 40 days.

Standard packing: plywooden case.

Warranty time: one year after shipment.

Case reference: it is updated in case blog.
Please click the following link for relative case.

1. 2016.8-2 pcs of GN eccentric screw pump to a Singapore client

Usage or application: This pump can be use for bilge, oily water, sludge, sewage and so on.
Please click the relative category in right of the production picture for more information.

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