EH single screw pump, bornemann EH pump

III-e. EH single screw pump

Qmax to 120m3/h, Pmax 2.4Mpa, single screw pump, Tmax to 100 degree, viscosity to 15000cst

SKU: Handling liquid contents with fiber and solid. Suitable for high viscosity liquid(up to 10000cst). Simple construction and reliable operation. Easy and quite maintenance. Similar to bornemann pump Categories: , , , ,

EH Screw Pump  is also named as single helical rotor pump, or progressive cavity pump, or eccentric screw pump. The SILI EH screw pump or EH eccentric screw pump are a popular type of single screw pump which is widely used in marine and off shore industry. it is similar to bornemann EH single screw pump.

EH progressive cavity pump MAIN FEATURES:

Low mechanical vibration , pulsationfree flow, and quiet operation.

The high suction performance .

Suitable for handling the liquids containing the fiber and solids grain , all media of aqueous or media of gas-containing to extremely viscous consistency.

EH Eccentric Screw Pump APPLICATION:

For pumping neutral or corrosive liquids ,uncontaminated or abrasive liquids, liquids containing gases or which

tend to froth, and liquids of high or low viscosity, including liquids containing fibrous and solid material.

Food mill: To transfer spirit or wine, waste residue and addition in brewery.

Taxi mill: To transfer synthetic foible liquid viscose liquid.

Paper-making: To transfer black pulp.

Petrol-industry: In handling various oil, grease products.

Chemical industry: To transfer suspended liquid ,emulsion liquid , aide liquid ,soda liquid and salt liquid.

Ship building: To transfer residue oil, to be the Butterworth pump , sewage pump and sea water pump ect.

Build industry: To transfer the mort or and plaster.

Nuclear industry: To transfer the radioactive liquid.

Metallurgical and mine: To transfer oxide and waste water, liquid explosive and drain off water from mine.

This EH progressive cavity pump is in same design, specification and size with Bornemann EH screw pump. The EH single screw pump spare parts is also available in our sides. Since this pump is produced in China, the price is much competitive than the Origin.

Refer to more details from the EH screw pump catalogue (similar to Bornemann EH pump). Pump spares are also available in our sides.


Maximum pressure: Single stage 0.6MPa

Two stages 1.2MPa

Three stages 1.8MPa

Four stages 2.4MPa

Maximum 300m3/h

Maximum temperature:150 C

Maximum viscosity: 2.7*105cst

Standard pump supply range: including pump, coupling and coupling guard, common base, motor and standard accessories.

Optional supply: accessories: vacuum and pressure gauge, opposite flange, starter, valves, nuts and bolts, and so on, suggested min spare parts: 2 pcs of mechanical seal, 1 sets of bearing, 1 pcs of stator and rotor, 6 pcs of O-ring, 6 pcs of gasket:

Certificate of classification society available: ABS, BV, and CCS.

Packing: in ply wooden case for international export.

Production time: usually in 30 to 45 days.

Warranty time: one year after shipment.

Case reference: it is updated in case blog.
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Usage or application: This pump can be use for bilge, sewage, oily water, sludge and so on for marine industry, it can be also used in other industry.
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