Horizontal marine self-priming pump

Horizontal marine self-priming pump

II-b. Centrifugal TMS Pump

Qmax to 300m3/h, Hmax to 70m, closed coupling, similar to Taiko TMS

II-b. Self-priming Centrifugal CWZ Pump

Qmax to 100m3/h, Hmax to 75m, self-priming, coupling type

II-c. Self-priming Centrifugal CYZ Pump

Qmax to 500m3/h, Hmax to 80m, end-suction, oil and FW cargo pump

II-e. Self-priming Centrifugal CBZ Pump

Qmax to 200m3/h, Hmax to 80m, closed coupling type for CWZ pump

II-h. Peripheral Centrifugal CXZ Pump

Qmax to 5m3/h, Hmax to 100m, sanitation, washing, hydrophone tank

II-j. Peripheral Centrifugal CWX Pump

Qmax to 10m3/h, Hmax to 40m, sanitation, washing, hydrophone tank

II-p. Centrifugal EHS Pump

Qmax to 300m3/h, Hmax to 70m, coupling type, similar to Taiko EHS

IV-c. Diesel Engine CWY Pump

Qmax to 160m3/h, Hmax to 70m, diesel engine centrifugal pump