CWF sewage marine pump

II-m. Pulverizing Centrifugal CWF Pump

Qmax to 30m3/h, Hmax to 3m, sewage pump, non-clogging pulverizing type

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The SILI CWF pump is pulverizing centrifugal marine pump, it is a kind of open impeller centrifugal pump, is used for pulverizing and transferring the soft sludge and sewage in the sanitary or sewage treatment device water under 80 C degree. The max diameter of solid particle after pulverizing is with 5mm.

There are cutting blades at the edges of the impeller and the suction port of the pump.

Double face special mechanical seal is used onsides the pump shaft.

Easily opening the suction port, to remove the sludge insides the pump casing.

Motor is in Y-H marine industry type.

Refer to more details from right link onsides the CWF pump catalogue, specification and manual.

Refer to more details from the pump catalogue.

Standard pump supply range: pump, motor, common base and standard accessories.

Optional supply: accessories: vacuum and pressure gauge, opposite flange, starter, valves, nuts and bolts and so on, suggested min spare parts: 1 pcs of impeller, 1 pcs of shaft, 2 pcs of mechanical seal, 2 sets of bearing, 6 pcs of O-ring

Certificate of classification society available: CCS.

Packing: in ply wooden case for international export.

Production time: usually in 10 to 15 days.

Warranty time: one year after shipment.

Case reference: it is updated in case blog.
Please click the following link for relative case.

Usage or application: This pump can be use for sewage and sludge.
Please click the relative category in right of the production picture for more information.

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