The SILI CLHB marine pump is a vertical centrifugal marine pump, which is popularly used in marine and offshore industry. It is in similar structure with the CLH pump. With same suction and discharge flanges, the CLHB pump can be installed like a valve in the pumping pipe line. And the CLHB marine pump can be in spacer coupling type. In this condition, the pump impeller can be taken out without dismalting the pump frame.

The CLHB centrifugal pump casing can be in both cast iron or bronze material. With its large capacity range, it is an ideal marine centrifugal pump for ballast pump, seawater cooling pump, marine bilge pump, marine fire pump and so on.

In this case, the end-user apply this pump in a 150TEUs container, for the ballast pump & bilge pump purpose. It is in bronze casing type. We follow up this case ten days later, then client feedback a good comments. A picture onside vessel is as per below. It is taken by mobile and the engine room light is week, so the photo is a little blur.

Reference information:

The SILI CLHB marine pump is an ideal centrifugal marine pump type, which is popularly used in marine and offshore industry. It is can be in spacer coupling type. It is a centrifugal type with volute casing, vertical construction, single stage, single flow, in line and same flanges. CLHB pump is suitable liquid for fresh water or sea water with little particle below 70 C degree, (specially mechanical seal for 120 C degree). CLHB pump application for fresh and seawater cooling pumps, bilge and ballast pumps, fire-fighting, general service pumps, deck-wash pumps and so on. CLHB marine pump spare parts can be also available in our sides.

SILI PUMP is a reputation marine pump and marine water pump supplier. We are the full range of marine pump supplier.

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