The SILI TAIKO TMS pump is a single stage, single suction, end-suction centrifugal marine pump(horizontal type). It is coupled with built-in self-priming device, so there is no need for extra self-priming device, such as ejector pump and so on. This will help the pump is very suitable for marine bilge pump on board ships or vessels. The TAIKO TMS pump is suitable liquid for fresh water or sea water with little particle below 70 C degree. With special high temp mechanical seal, it can be used in max to 120C degree liquid. This Taiko TMS pump is a closed coupling type pump.

There two optional material types for the Taiko TMS pump. One is bronze casing type, and another one is cast iron pump. Of course the cast iron casing pump price is competitive. For both type of pump, the pump impeller, wearing are in bronze, and the shaft is in stainless steel. Usually the shaft seal is in mechanical seal type, and also the soft packing is also available.

Our TMS pump is in same design and size with Taiko TMS pump. The TMS pump spare parts can be also available in our sides. Since it is produced in China, so the price is much competitive for the both pump and its pump spares.

In this case, two Taiko TMS pumps are used in a barge for the marine bilge pump purpose. From the attachment pictures, we can see the pump casing is in bronze material, which is better for the sea water. Since this pump is closed coupling type, the installation space requested is smaller than common end-suction pump. This make it very suitable for the small tug boats and so on.

The TMS pump is self-priming type, then it is widely used for the marine bilge pumps or marine sewage pump. With high quality pump spare and high technology production, our pump performance is very similar to the original Taiko TMS pump, however, our price is much more competitive.

This time, we show all the pump pictures when they are under test progress. So the pump is not painted. Since these pumps was requested urgently, it is arranged by air shipment.

SILI PUMP is a reputation marine pump supplier. We are the full range of marine pump supplier.
Refer to more eccentric screw pump information for TAIKO TMS pump.

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