CBZ self-priming pump is a kind of horizontal self-priming centrifugal marine pump. Its performance date is nearly same to the CWZ self-priming pump. The most big difference is that this pump is in mono-block type. That is to say the CBZ pump is connected with the pump directly, without inter coupling. (The CWZ pump is a coupling type pump)

With such design, the CBZ self-priming pump installation space is much smaller than CWZ pump. And also its cost is also smaller than the CWZ pump. So the price is much more competitive. It is very suitable for the small vessels, such as tugboat, barges, landing craft and so on. For the purpose of marine fire pump, marine bilge pump and other purpose.

Material for CBZ self-priming pump casing and impeller can be in bronze, stainless steel and cast iron. Shaft is in stainless steel, shaft seal in mechanical seal type.

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