ZYG marine hydrophore unit

V-c. ZYG marine hydrophore unit

Vmax to 1m3, hydrophore unit for sea water or fresh water

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The SILI ZYG marine hydrophore unit or hydrophore system is designed to fulfill the request for fresh water or sea water on board of sea-going vessels and offshore rigs. The systems are complete with electronic control and monitoring equipment to measure the water quality, and counters to measure water consumption. All connections are on one side, which decreases costs and eases installation on board; the units are completely wired up and tested beforehand in our workshop.

It is also called pressure water tank system. for both sea water and fresh water in marine purpose.

Refer to more details from the ZYG marine hydrophore unit catalogue.

The ZYG marine hydrophore unit consists of  three series model of SILI ZYG Hydrophore Units:

1. ZYGH, with two CLH vertical centrifugal pumps, much smaller space requested.

The pressure tank not only provides the storage space but the pumps and control are mounted on the side of the pressure tank to reduce the foot print required.

2.  ZYGX, with two CWX horizontal self-priming centrifugal pump.

The pressure tank, pumps, control and piping appurtenances are mounted on a structural skid which is grit blasted and epoxy painted for marine application. The structural skid will allow ease of lifting of the system during installation

3. ZYGW, with two WZ horizontal self-priming centrifugal pump.

Similar with the ZYGX, but with small pump capacity and tank volume.

Daily check and operation for ZYG marine hydrophore unit or system:

  1. check and flush of the water level gauge

1). close the valve in air sides, and open the flush valve, to check and flush the pipe connected with the water, and then close the valve in water sides.

2). open the valve in the air sides, to check and flush the pipe connected with the compressed air.

3). close the flush valve, and open the valve in water sides, to check the water level in normal position.

  1. compressed air charging into the tank.

1). manually start the service pump, to deliver water into the tank, stop the pump until the working pressure, then close the outlet valve, to temporarily stop the water supply.

2). adjust the compressed air pressure to 0.1Mpa higher than the working pressure, open the air charge valve, to charge compressed air into the tank.

3). drain the redundant water through the drain valve, when the pressure reach the tank working pressure, and the water level is in the full position, close the air charge valve and drain valve.

4). if charge too much air, it can be discharge by the valve upon the tank.

5). put all valve in normal condition, and pump in automatical service position.

Refer to more information from ZYG marine hydrophore unit catalogue

Technical details:

For the service pumps;

–Model: CLH or CWX or WZ marine centrifugal pump. CWZ and WZ with self-priming function.

–Quantity: two pump in parallel, one in operation and another one in stand-by

–Material: pump casing/casing cover: bronze(sea water) or cast iron(fresh water), impeller/wear ring, bronze, shaft, shaft sleeve and key, stainless steel

–Shaft seal: mechanical seal, material: SIC(silicon carbide),hard alloy and ceramics

–Liquid: suitable for sea water or fresh water below 70 C degree

For the pressure tank and other accessories;

–Material: standard in full-killed cast steel, optional in stainless steel

–Pressure test: the max pressure of the tank body is 1.5 times of design pressure, and it will be tested for leakage under 1.25 times of the design pressure

–Treatment: inner, grit blasted and innoxious epoxy painted for marine application; outer, rust removed and be covered with anticorrosive paint and surface paint

–Manhole: if the diameter of the tank is bigger than 700mm, a manhole is a standard accessory

–Control panel: automatically control to ensure that the duty pump operation will maintain the system pressure at all times, the system can be also operated by hand for optional

–Level gauge: a quality sight glass level gauge is attached onsides the pressure tank

–Pressure gauge: a pressure gauge showing the tank pressure, and also a pressure sensor for the automatically controller

–Safety valve: designed with a factory set pressure relief valve onsides the pressure tank

–Accessory: all necessary connection pipes, elbows, flanges and valves, Full system installed on sides a customized base pressure controller(sensor), pressure air charge valve, safety valve, drain valve and so on.

Standard supply range: including two pumps, pressure tank, common base, and all standard accessories.

Suggested min spare parts for pump: 3 pcs of mechanical seal, 1 pcs of impeller, 1 pcs of shaft, 1 set of bearing, 6 pcs of O-ring.

Certificate of classification society available: ABS, BV, CCS for the tank and pumps.

Packing: in ply wooden case for international export.

Production time: usually in 20 to 25 days.

Warranty time: one year after shipment.

Case reference: it is updated in case blog.
Please click the following link for relative case.

Usage or application: This equipment is mainly use for pressure tank and hydrophore.

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