V-j YSZ marine bilge separator

YSZ marine bilge separator

15 ppm, under standard of IMOMEPC.107(49)

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The YSZ marine bilge separator or marine oily water separator is designed and manufactured according to “Pollution protecting equipment manual and provisions of IMOMEPC.107(49) resolution technical specifications of bilge water of vessel machine location”. The YSZ marine bilge separator is used for treatment of bilge water of different types of seagoing vessels

YSZ marine bilge separator or marine oily water separator Design Features

–Full system range supply. It is just requested to connect with the pipe and electrical source, the system will run functionally.

— IMOMEPC.107(49). The discharge water after treatment of the device has reached standard stipulated internationally.

–Light weight and small size. This device is in small space, light weight, compact structure, and no secondary pollution.

–Reliable performance and convenient maintenance

–Automatic heating, oil discharging, alarm and record of operation process.

YSZ marine bilge separator or marine oily water separator Principle
YSZ series 15ppm separator is gravity type and insulation type oil filtering device. It is composed of separator, bilge pump, electric control chamber, 1599m bilge water alarm device, inhaled filter assembly and other pipelines, valves and accessories etc. The marine oily water separator adopts three-grade oil-filtering mode. The bilge water is infused into first grade oil filtering of separator and make use of specific weight difference of water and oil to separate the floating oil from the water in the bilge water. The condensator in the second grade oil filtering chamber condensates and roughen to enable the tiny oil grain separate and float on the water surface. The bilge water after second grade treatment which reaches discharge standard will be drained directly outsides board. If the bilge water after second treatment cannot reach discharge standard, then the third ultra-filtering device will be opened to enable the bilge water to be drained reach discharge standard. The dirty oil which was separated accumulates on top of filtering chamber. The dirty oil will be discharged into dirty oil tank directly when they accumulate to a certain amount

Refer to more details from the YSZ marine bilge separator catalogue.

Refer to more details from the YSZ bilge separator catalogue.

Case reference: it is updated in case blog.
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Usage or application: it is used for bilge water, oily water separator on board vessels

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