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III-a Gear Oil KCB Pump

Qmax to 570m3/h, Pmax to 0.6 Mpa, gear oil pump, max temp 100 degree, viscosity range 5 to 1000cst

SKU: Large capacity range, Reliable and easy to Maintain, Good self-priming function, Self-lubrication by the pumped liquid. With built-in relief valve. Screw port or flange port for connection. Explosion-proof motor optional. Categories: , , , , ,

The SILI KCB pump is horizontal positive displacement gear oil-pump. These gear oil pumps use two identical gears rotating against each other, the drive gear operates the idler gear. Liquid flows into the cavity of the teeth and is directed and pressurized toward the discharge port by the gear rotation. KCB gear-pump is suitable for oil max temp 100 degree, viscosity range 5 to 1000cst, (specially mechanical seal for 200 C degree).

Typical application of KCB pump on board ship or vessel are supply of F.O., M.O., L.O., diesel oil, or even petrol, benzene transfer and supply and so on. Refer to more details from right link onsides the KCB pump catalogue. Specification and manual. Similar model 2CY gear oil marine pump can be also supplied. KCB pump spare parts can be also available in our sides.

KCB gear oil pump Feather:

a. Coupled gear set with high quality carbon steel(2Cr 13 carbon steel as standard). Stainless steel or bronze material gear is available.

b. Each gear is fitted on a shaft supported by two internal quality bearings immersed in the pumped liquid. Small size in sliding bearing, to model KCB-83.3/0.33, big size in rolling bearing, from model KCB-135/0.33. There are no external bearings.

c. Pump has only one shaft penetration(the drive gear side) through the housing sealed with a mechanical seal. Soft packing seal is available.

e. Pumps are driven with electric motors through elastic coupling or spacer coupling.

f. With built-in relief valve, setting value 1.5 times of discharge pressure, to protect pump and pipe system.

g. Positive type pump, good self-priming function, suction head about 5 meter.

h. Self-lubrication, no need extra lub. oil or grease.

i. Both screw port, small size, to model KCB-83.3/0.33. Flange port, KCB-135/0.33, from model KCB-135/0.33.

Refer to more pump and spare parts details from the KCB pump catalogue. And contact us more information for pump specification, manual, installation dimension and so on.

The KCB pump is an external gear positive displacement pump which consists of two counter-rotating shafts. The gears (rotors) which are attached to these shafts mesh together and rotate freely inside the pump casing bores.

The KCB pump rotors are contained within a rigid housing which is securely fixed together. It is sealed by the use of a gasket or O-ring to prevent leakage of fluid under pressure.

Each gear is fitted on a shaft supported by two internal quality bearings immersed in the pumped liquid. Small size in sliding bearing, to model KCB-83.3/0.33, big size in rolling bearing, from model KCB-135/0.33. There are no external bearings.

The driving shaft of the KCB gear oil pump which protrudes from the pump casing is sealed to prevent leakage of the pumped fluid by means of either a packed gland or mechanical seal.

Drive to the pump is achieved via a prime mover (electric motor, engine etc.) being connected to the pumps drive shaft using a coupling. This unit is normally mounted on a combination bed plate.

Technical details:

–Motor: 4 or 6 pole quality IEC motor configurations, with high level class(class F or higher) and insulation(insulation IP44 or higher), in both 50Hz or 60Hz, Y-H series, suitable for marine purpose, explosion-proof motor is an optional, Starting in direct type(small power) or Star-delta type.

–Material: pump casing and cover: cast iron, pump gear couples: 40Cr stainless steel, shaft: carbon steel #45, (optional material in stainless steel or bronze)

–Shaft seal: mechanical seal, material SIC(silicon carbide)/hard alloy, (optional for double face mechanical seal, soft packing and rubber oil seal)

–Coupling: elastic coupling type, material in carbon steel

–Bearing: motor side, two enclosed antifriction bearing, lubricated by grease; pump side, two internal quality bearings immersed in the pumped liquid

–Self-priming: positive displacement pump, suction head about 4-5 meters

–Relief valve: internal relief valve insides, setting pressure 1.5 times of discharge pressure

–Accessory: motor terminal box, lifting hooks, coupling guard (big power pump), grease nipple (big power pump) and so on.

Standard pump supply range: including pump, coupling, common base, motor and standard accessories.

Optional supply: accessories: vacuum and pressure gauge, opposite flange, starter, valves, nuts and bolts, and so on

Min spare parts: 2 pcs of mechanical seal, 1 sets of bearing, 6 pcs of O-ring, 6 pcs of gasket

Certificate of classification society available: ABS, BV,  KR, NK and CCS.

Production time: 10 to 20 days.

Standard packing: plywooden case.

Warranty time: one year after shipment.

Case reference: it is updated in case blog.
Please click the following link for relative case.

1.  2016.12-2 pcs of KCB marine gear pump to an Indonesia client.

2.  2016.4-6 pcs of KCB marine gear oil pump to a Vietnam client.

Usage or application: This pump can be use for fuel oil, Lub oil, sluge oil and so on.
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