In China, there are two main types of marine ejector pump, CPJ ejector pump and CPT ejector pump, pump suction flange and discharge flange are in vertical position for CPT ejector pump series, pump suction flange and discharge flange are in inline position for CPJ ejector pump series. These pumps can be use for bilge, stripping, ballast, cooling and so on.

Material for the CPJ and CPT marine eductor pump, pump body, bronze, ZCuZn16Si4, pump nozzle, stainless steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti), (optional stainless steel, cast iron pump body).

In this case, we had an order with a Russia client for 4 pcs of CPJ marine ejector pump ejectors. We will update some CPT pump case in the future.

Reference information:

CPT or CP(T) and CPJ ejector pump series is a kind of marine ejector. It is widely used in the marine and offshore industry. marine ejector is a static pump, for suction of any substance, motivated by a (centrifugal)pump. The ejector can be used for all suction purposes.

Marine ejectors can be used for many different purposes. Wherever there is a need for reliable and efficient pumping from ships. For example, they can be used to discharge: water from anchor wells, bilge water, ballast water, oil residues, filter sands, harmful gases. Refer to more details from right link onsides the pump catalogue, specification and manual.

CPT or CP(T) and CPJ marine eductor Material: Bronze(ZCuA19Mn2) or stainless steel (SS304, 1Cr18Ni9Ti) is used for nozzle. For which hydraulic test must be carried out just after machining finishing. Bronze(ZCuZn16Si4) or stainless steel (SS304, 1Cr18Ni9Ti) can be used for the suction chamber, mixing chamber and diffuser in easting construction.

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Refer to more information for the CPT and CPJ pump.

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