Import & export agent

Through the cooperation with our export agent: Shanghai E-heng Import-Export Co., Ltd, we can have the import and export agent service.

Independently established in 2000, E-HENG has been the premiere agency to assist corporations with their global sales, resource, logistic, and import & export needs. Alongside our highly qualified workforce, we believe our track record and amassed relationships not only from our current clientele base, a growing network of over 3000 members, but also our experience as owned by the Chinese government, could be beneficial to any business with interest to expand.

Import Agents assist foreign businesses in transporting and selling their products in China.  

Export Agents connect domestic companies to the international shipping services most suited for their business.

E-HENG is an intermediary between the consigner and consignee. The payment method will be by sales commission or distribution rights. The agency does not have currency or market risk because it does not own distribution right. They do not need to take credit in the operation. 

Some logistical company can provide the loaning and stock financing services to the clients who have need of capital. It is one part of supply chain management.