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This is a blog and forum for the all kinds of marine pumps.

Thanks so much for browsing this marine pump blog & forum. Your valuable comments and suggestions are also highly appreciated by us.
It is just a blog from a private company, so the archives are not updated very frequently. We will try our best to publish some useful posts every month. Please note, the archives list may include some from marine pump case study.
The focus of this marine pump blog is sharing knowledge and experience for all kinds of marine pumps. Marine pump is a comprehensive name. It includes a lot of pump types. Basically, it can be divided by structure or by application liquid. From structure, it includes the centrifugal pump, gear pump, eccentric screw pump, twin screw pump, three screw pump and so on. For application, it can be marine water pump, bilge pump, sewage pump, oil pump, sludge pump and so on.

In this marine pump blog & forum, we discuss three contents of marine pump; you can click the name, into individual pages.

a. the supply and market for marine pumps in China.
With decades of experience in this market in China, we are very familiar with these information. We can provide some information about: how to find a suitable and reliable marine pump supplier or vendor in China? What is marine pump quality level in China? and so on.

b. the application for all kinds of marine pump.
Marine pump is widely used in marine and offshore industry. These marine pumps are widely used for cooling, circulating, ballast, general service, fire-fighting, boiler feed water, condensate water, fresh water, sanitary water, bilge & sludge. And also they can be used in F.O. & L.O. transfer, F.O. and F.W. cargo pumping, stripping, hydrophone tank unit, sewage treatment unit, oil water separator, incinerator, fresh water generator.

c. the operation and maintenance for marine pumps.
We will share some information about, how to install a special type marine pump? how to start, stop and operate marine pumps? Some useful information for marine pump maintenance or overhaul. Some spare parts suggestion for all types of marine pumps.

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